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Iconic Bob Haircuts for Women 2021 Updated Hairstyles Gallery

By e4hyv

November 30, 2020

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So Bob haircuts for women here's a topic that needs no explanation its the No1 iconic women's haircut it's either loved or hated! It's 50/50 in the salon clients either come in and say Don't give me a Bob "then describe what they want and I'm like that is bob!!!!" Or others just live for their bobs. Lucky in 2021 there a bob for every occasion the variations are endless. This post is a master class in bob eduction after this you'll have a degree in bob management.

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 Classic One Length Bob

The one-length centre-parted chin length Bob is the stereotypical image you imagine when a bob haircut is mentioned. A classic haircut which can be striking if you've got the right features and dress sense to pull it off otherwise you may look like a librarian!

  • One length refers to the fact that this haircut has no layers "each hair is one length".No layers = less hassle easy to style and maintain.
  • Center parting smack bang down the centre.
  • Chin length meaning the length "obviously"

 One Length Bob Centre Part

Traditional well cut centre parted chin length bob.

High Gloss Centre Part 1 Chin Length 

one length bob haircuts 2021

Iconic, Timless, Classic Bob with all the right ingredients.

Center Parting Bob with Dark Roots

bob haircuts

This classic bob is transformed by adding fine soft blond highlights around the face plus a dark root "smudge" blend.

 One Length Bob haircut Side View.

Classic one length bob haircuts side view "keep the length blunt no layers" enhanced with soft highlights.

 Blond Bob Haircut with Quiff.

Beautiful blond chin length bob with full blow out and a side quiff adds volume to the front.

 One Length Bob with Blunt Fringe

Love it! Amazing copper color short "above chin" one length bob with mid length blunt fringe. 

 Chin-Length Bob Silver Tones

Perfect chin-length bob haircut in a glorious silver tones

Tapered side's

See how the sides at the front are ever so slightly tapered shorter so they frame the face of swoosh back "neat touch".

Bob Haircut +  Highlights

Highlights add thickness and texture to finer/thinner hair types.

  Honey Blond Bob Haircuts

Beautiful shoulder length with soft honey blond highlights.

 Bob Haircut with Side Bangs.

Cheeky centre part with grown out fringe with and highlights. Thicken finer hair types with NutraViv Hair Growth Serum.

"Cruella" Wavy Mallen Streak.

Uber cool Mallen streak natural waves.

  Shoulder Length Natural "LOB"

Natural beauty "dont mess with perfection"

 Side Parting Bob Haircuts for Women

Same model as above but with side parting to the other side.

  Messy Textured Tousled Hairstyle

Unlike the classic straight centre parted Bobs this one is full of volume, waves and movement we also have a side parting.

  Bobs with Loose Waves

Adding loose curls to the longer top layers of the bob creates movement and texture a nice change from poker-straight hair. The easiest way to add a loose curl to bob length hair is with CHI Spin N Curl you simply feed the hair into the barrel and let it work its magic!

 Above the Shoulders Bob Length

This is a slightly longer version its above the shoulder "so not a long bob or LOB" but below the chin so not a short bob either.

  Ombre Bob Hairstyle 2021

This is classy Chic bob haircut we love the soft waves enhanced by the centre parting, dark roots and soft caramel ombre hair color. To achive this look spray AG Curl Trigger onto towel dryed hair then leave to dry naturally.

 Bleached Out Shoulder Length Bob

Bleached out waves take this shoulder length bob to a new level. Remove unwanted brassy, yellow tones from blond hair with MATRIX Total Results So Silver Shampoo "believe me this is the real deal its all we use in the salon"

  Bob Hair Color Ideas 2021

Epic! Brigh Red base color with blue slice through the side. Haircut has textured layers and side bangs. 

  Bob Hair Color Ideas!

Not one for the feint hearted this Fluorescent Yellow Graduated bob haircut is guaranteed to get you noticed.

Purple Fade Rainbow Edge

This bob hair color is a work of art! Faded out purple base color with dipped Rainbow Sides all on a textured layered hairstyle with razored fringe.

  Emerald Green Wavy

Super Fresh metallic emerald green full wave explosion.

  Razored Bob Haircut

This bob variation is crazy! It looks like the fringe has been cut with chainsaw the top has funky short layers the long front sides have been dipped in green "off the wall"

  Curly Bleached Out Bob

Curly side parted bleached out bob. 

 Glossy Burgundy Hair Color

Red or Dead.

Striking Cotton Kandy Hair Color

Make sure you salon has the skills needed to carry out this amazing color.

 Orange is the New Black!

This is a true statement hairstyle! Amazing wavy bob haircut with blunt short fringe sliced straight down the parting with bold black and orange two-tone hair color.

  Rainbow Bright

Wow, this is a masterpiece by a world-class stylist "to imagine this hairstyle is one thing to bring it into reality is another" Platinum top section with slices of reds, coppers and yellows running throughout.

 Silver Waves Bob Hairstyle

Deep Silver Hair Color with shoulder length waves.

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